Solemnly declare –Recently there is some unscrupulous company, are suspected to used our QUICKLY brand for illegal commercial activity and destroy the reputation of our Company.Hereby for the record, the Departing employees’ actions and engaged in business behavior has nothing to do with our Company! Based on the safety, quality and service, please be confirmed the QUICKLY Steamer is from our company! Our product all be protected by the copyright of various countries.To the person who tort, we will prosecute the responsible parties to the full extent of law. Will under no circumstances be pardoned.Please pay attention, Beware of the inferior imitations, thank you a lots!


Commercial Stainless Steamers Manufacturer

Yuan Jaan Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. (QUICKLY FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD.) was established in 1985. We are a professional manufacturer and exporter of commercial stainless steel kitchen equipments of steamer & warmer! Products include food steamer machines, steaming cabinet, fermentation cabinet and so on.
With more than 30 years professional experience in this field, we afford CE approval, innovative designed and unique patented products to help our customers be competitive in the market and gain a good reputation for using our machine to cook the foods with good looking and delicious taste.
Since 2008 we extend our product line to meet our customer needs and afford production know-how as well as turnkey service.