Food fermentation is so convenient, easy to learn to accurately control the fermentation status

The food fermentation tank is mainly used for the fermentation of steamed buns, natto, old noodles and other foods. A professional food fermentation tank can provide a good fermentation temperature and humidity environment, which greatly affects the fermentation effect.

The fast food fermentation tank adopts energy-saving design, can automatically control the temperature/humidity, and the convenient automatic water addition function makes your fermentation work easier, saves labor and time, and accurately controls the fermentation temperature/humidity. The dough is soft and elastic, the surface is full of luster, and the expansion is in place, making it more delicious!

Quickly Reliable-Food Fermentation Chamber|The most comfortable fermentation experience for dough
The fast food fermentation tank allows you to control the fermentation status in the fermentation tank at any time! The perspective glass and fluorescent lighting design allows you to clearly see the food fermentation process at a glance. The fermentation tank made of stainless steel is durable, easy to clean and more convenient. It is an indispensable good partner for your fermentation work.

The common fermentation tank heats and evaporates the water through the electric heating tube to provide the most appropriate fermentation environment for the dough. Sometimes, the problem of uneven heating may occur due to the different pipeline configuration. Kuiteli Food Fermentation Box is specially designed with a circulating fan in the box to keep the temperature and humidity evenly distributed from top to bottom, and the fermentation process is more comprehensive.

Kuiteli Food Fermentation Box has many years of excellent word-of-mouth experience, professional manufacturing, and quality assurance!
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