No. 1 Steamer Brand in Asia. QUICKLY FOOD MACHINERY CO., LTD. seizes business opportunities in Indonesia's food industry with its Super Energy-Saving Steamer.

The Indonesian market is currently the market with the most growth potential among emerging markets. According to report by Euromonitor International, the Indonesian food market has grown at a compound annual growth rate of 10.4%. Its food and beverage market will exceed US$50 billion in 2021 based on domestic demand and eagerly drives the development of the food processing industry. Quickly Food Machinery Co., Ltd., the No. 1 steamer brand in Asia, foresaw the Indonesian food processing business opportunity and entered the market with its "super energy-saving steamer" to seize business opportunities in the food processing industry.


Quickly Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has more than 40 years of experience in the food machinery market and is recognized internationally as the ‘No. 1 Steamer Brand in Asia’. Its best selling product ‘Super Energy-Saving Steamer’ can boil water from room temperature in just 3 minutes. In addition to the characteristics of fast heating, business scale steam volume and even heat distribution with no dead corner, it never leaks. It has been recognized by international customers and is the designated brand for many food processing, catering, and snack companies.

Traditional steamers consume huge heating costs and may cause volume loss and wrinkles when steaming up buns made with high-gluten flour. The president of Quickly Food Machinery Co., Ltd. JUNG-KUAN CHANG developed the ‘Super Energy-Saving Gas Type Steamer’ through continuous research and development and innovation of energy-saving designs and equips the steamers with steam circulation convection device, silencer and pressure reducing valve to enable the heat to evenly circulate in the steamer, to allow the product to cook evenly, and the flavor of the food is preserved; a complete breakthrough from using traditional steamer baskets which may cause uneven heat distribution and water drip when steaming food, steamed cake, bass and buns. Food manufacturers who use Quickly products present a better taste and appearance than their peers.

The exclusive design of the "Super Energy-saving Gas Type Steamer" has obtained European CE certification, patents in Taiwan, China, the United States, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and other countries, and has established sales offices around the world.

In addition, the ‘Chinese fir wood type gas steaming cabinet’ also received high praised from the customers. The inner wall structure is designed and made with cedar and bamboo, which can help maintain the best internal humidity, bringing ancient flavor and mellow smell to food, a secret weapon to bring deliciousness to the next level. Compared with the traditional gas steamer, the steaming cabinet manufactured by Quickly Food Machinery Co., Ltd. can save twice the amount of gas, and cut the cooking time by large. It comprises time-setting, constant temperature, steaming, fermentation and sterilization functions. The door of the steaming cabinet is made of high temperature resistant safety glass, which has excellent transparency. It can steam up to 960 servings in one round with high-efficiency capacity and high quality recognized by food processing companies in many countries.

Assistant Manager Winnie Chang commented that Quickly not only specializes in sales of machinery, but also provides various consulting services based on 40 years of experience in the food industry. Quickly foresees itself, in addition to being a steamer manufacturer, can provide customers with complete food cooking solutions at the same time and work hand-in-hand with its customers to create a win-win situation.

Source: Quickly Food Machinery Co., Ltd.