• Auto ignition & Auto extinguishing.
  • The patented heating system design enable the water to reach boiling phase in 3 minutes thus it can save 75% for gas consumption.
  • Equipped with functions of water auto-feeding ,time & temperature pre-setting to avoid any problem caused by human’s negligence.
  • The steam distributed evenly in the chamber without blind corner to assure the food kept at the best condition. Without worry of drips to damage the food quality.
  • The 10cm thermo-insulation layer keep the heat preservation in good condition and  the cabinet won’t be too hot to hurt the people.
  • To solve the contraction problem of the pasta with high gluten when the temperature drops for keeping the food look good.
  • Long life and solid rubber seal and adjustable design door handle make sure no steam leakage.
  • Can be used for fermention.
  • Use UL certificate approved components


Model Length(mm Width(mm) High(mm) Qnt' of plate Size(mm)
KS-610U 1210 1066 2058 12pcs 605x605
KS-610UB  1070 926 2058 12pcs  465x465 


Model Length width high qnt' of plate Our steamers can replace all the traditional ones at better efficience and performance. 
It is applied wildly for steaming snake food, vegetarian foods,plastic industry,cosmetic
material, Chinese medicine , textile products..............etc.plate size