• Special heat conduction design to allow heat-transfer enhancement.
  • Tope and bottom of the boiler water tube is welded and protected for heat resistance. To presvent from crack causes from metal expansion and contraction expose to heat or cold. This will ensure the boiler life and its durability.
  • Boiler’s water tube uses the STB-340 sesamless carbon steel pipe, air chamber, wter drum , upper and lower uses the SB-450 steel plate.
  • Once through boiler , the interior of the furnace develops flow of hot air and the structure, enables it to combust which cause heat to increase the conductance heating around the surface to provide heat for water pipes exterior.
  • Designed with dual water and steam separator, steam capable maintain 99% above
  • Compact size doesn’t occupy large space, no pollution, low noise, heavy oil, diesel oil, and gas are applicable.
  • Based to rigorous manufacturer design, All our boiler are also capable install in series system with main control station to auto control each boiler individually to support minimum requirement steam as needed. This reduces fuel cost at same time and it doesn’t affect on production.
  • Energy conservation, low cost ,boiler efficiency reaches as high as 89% above.
  • Quick start up, using pressure ready within 5 minuites. In addition to the above advantages our boilers are conform to inspection of the labor safety, No operating license or inspection license is required.


Model Size A Size B Size C Size D Size E
KS-BJB-100 1100 1550 1050 1100 750
KS-BJB-200 1100 1600 1050 1100 750
KS-BJB-250 1100 1700 1100 1200 750
KS-BJB-300 1250 1800 1200 1300 750
KS-BJB-350 1250 1800 1200 1300 750
KS-BJB-400 1250 1800 1200 1300 750